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Viva! Victory: Tesco Dumps Kangaroo Meat!

Tesco have dumped kangaroo meat!We saw that Tesco were trialling kangaroo meat in the past few weeks, so we contacted them straight away. They listened and have dumped it! They also want to meet with Viva! to discuss our further concerns about commercialising wildlife. Result!

Sadly, two other UK supermarkets persist in selling kangaroo meat: Iceland and Lidl. Viva! campaigns for a vegan world, but kangaroos are facing a unique threat. Populations have plummeted in some areas – and with continuing droughts from climate change are expected to drop further. Yet the industry wants to kill ever more kangaroos! It isn’t difficult to see how this could lead to disaster.

It remains the largest massacre of land-based wild animals in the world today. Millions are shot away from prying eyes every year. This figure does not include the hundreds of thousands of baby ‘joey’ kangaroos that are always killed after their mothers are shot (some estimates put the figure close to a million each year). The Australian Government’s own guidelines insist on clubbing or decapitating joeys, as they cannot survive without their mothers. Cruelty is commonplace.

We work with our friends in Australia to end the trade and have shared the good news with them.

Tell Iceland to drop kangaroo meat

Tell Lidl to drop kangaroo meat

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Viva! victory for kangaroos