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Peter Andre: please tell Iceland to dump kangaroo meat!

Peter Andre: please tell Iceland to dump kangaroo meat!

Australian celebrity, Peter Andre, is the well-known face of Iceland supermarket. He is also an ambassador for wildlife and has affectionately recalled spending time with kangaroos with his children when visiting his homeland. Yet he has recently promoted Iceland’s so-called ‘exotic meat’ range which includes kangaroo!

His self-professed love of wildlife does not tally with Iceland’s freezers full of dead wild animals.

Please join us in calling on Mr Andre to be a true ally for wildlife by using his position to campaign for Iceland to dump kangaroo meat.

Why campaign specifically on kangaroo meat? Click here to find out.

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“Dear Peter

I very much respect your excellent work to highlight global wildlife issues, but I cannot understand why you would sully this by promoting Iceland’s range of dead frozen wild animals. That’s why I’m urging you to use your influence with the supermarket chain to get them to stop selling kangaroo meat.

Around six million kangaroos are earmarked for death each year in Australia. Kangaroos are not farmed, but are truly wild animals. They are shot at night from the back of trucks in the middle of nowhere and out-of-sight of the public. Each year, up to a million baby joeys are pulled from their dying mother’s pouches and decapitated or have their heads caved in and are then simply discarded.  To try and avert this, Iceland claims that no females are shot, but seemingly simply rely on assurances from Australia that is the case. This is something that has proved false in the past.

Regardless of gender, shooters aim for the head, but kangaroos have small heads. With animals hopping in all directions, many are shot and suffer horrendous injuries. Mouths are blown off, they lose eyes, have arms/legs shot off and try to hobble away on one foot or suffer internal injuries.

Sydney University’s THINKK (The Think Tank for Kangaroos), which is made up of eminent ecologists and animal experts, says:

“[...]  field data suggests that anywhere from 120,000 to over a million kangaroos are miss-shot and processed annually. It is unknown how many are left behind. There is virtually no monitoring of killing in the field and given the field conditions of the killing it impossible to do so.”

Far from exploding, populations of kangaroos in some areas of Australia have plummeted in recent years and have dropped by half in most areas of Queensland in the last year alone.

Australia already has the world's worst record for wildlife extinctions, with 23 birds, 78 frogs, and 27 mammal species(including kangaroos) having vanished forever since Western settlement.

Please tell Iceland to dump kangaroo meat to protect Australia’s vanishing wildlife. Thank you.”