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Lidl condemned for selling ‘cruel’ and ‘unhealthy’ kangaroo meat

17th June 2013

Cut-price supermarket Lidl has been accused by leading animal-campaigning group, Viva!, of exploiting wildlife and causing untold suffering by selling kangaroo meat in its stores (1). The group has also highlighted recent research that shows kangaroo meat has a higher amount of a chemical linked to increased risks of heart attack and stroke than any other red meat (2).

Cruel kangaroo meat dropped from final major UK stockist

21st May 2009

A SECOND leading cash and carry company have dropped the sale of kangaroo meat due to concerns over how the animals are killed in the wild.

Makro has been congratulated by Europe's largest campaigning vegetarian organisation, Viva! for taking the ethical decision to drop the meat, following the footsteps of fellow cash and carry company Booker, who dropped kangaroo meat last year after talks with the group.