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Viva! Victory: Morrisons Dumps Kangaroo Meat

Morrisons: stop selling kangaroo meat!We are delighted that Morrisons have dumped kangaroo meat after the national media attention Viva!’s campaign generated and a deluge of emails from our supporters. Wildlife advocacy groups in Australia will also be delighted. We understand that Morrisons have said they will not stock kangaroo meat in the future. Thank you to everyone who wrote to them!

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Why Viva! campaigns specifically on kangaroos?

Viva! campaigns on all farmed animal issues. We advocate a vegan diet as the best way to end the suffering of animals. We run campaigns against the killing of all animals for food and obviously, we do not want wild land animals adding to the list of murdered animals killed for meat. And as you may be aware, many millions of people have supported this campaign and changed their own diet. There are major ethical, conservation and cruelty concerns with commercially hunted wild animals. That's why we support wildlife groups in Australia fighting the unsustainable and cruel trade in kangaroo meat and skins. This does not detract from any other campaign, in fact we emphasise again that it acts to bring in new people to the concept of going vegan.

Kangaroos are not farmed; they are truly wild animals. As such, their population can fluctuate massively – and can be especially impacted by factors that can be difficult to predict, such as drought (which is only expected to worsen because of climate change) and disease. Whilst populations can build up in some areas they have plummeted in others. In 2011, the four large kangaroo species that can be commercially shot were nominated for listing in New South Wales as threatened. Australia has the worst wildlife record in the world – six species of kangaroos extinct, four more extinct on the Australian mainland, 17 species endangered or vulnerable. Commercialising any wild animal creates a business model that thrives on growth and there are a finite number of kangaroos. It is a model for disaster.


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