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Tell Iceland to dump kangaroo meat!

We need 10,000 signatures.


Already 5,161 of 10,000 signed the petition.


Kangaroo meat is sold as ‘just a bit of fun’, but don’t be fooled. It is the product of suffering and blood-shed on an enormous scale. Millions are shot every year in Australia in the vast outback. Many are mis-shot and die a slow, agonising death.

Unlike the two rescued joeys above, hundreds of thousands of pouch young babies are also ripped from their dying mothers annually and smashed around the head or decapitated. Their older siblings flee and will invariably suffer a slow and lingering death without the protection of their mother. In other words, buy a kangaroo steak and you could be getting dead joeys for free.

Please sign the petition below to encourage Iceland to dump kangaroo meat.

We will collect all of your messages and deliver them to Iceland HQ. Why campaign on kangaroos?