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Australian Wildlife Protection Council
A site dedicated to the issues surrounding the kangaroo 'industry' and other wildlife in Australia. The aim of AWPC is to protect Australia's native animals from cruelty and exploitation…for their own sake, for their intrinsic worth and because they are unique and special.

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THINKK: Kangaroo think tank

The mission of THINKK is to foster understanding among Australians about kangaroos in a sustainable landscape, through critically reviewing the scientific evidence underpinning kangaroo management practices and exploring non-lethal management options that are consistent with ecology, animal welfare, human health and ethics. THINKK is comprised of key ecology and sustainable policy experts.

Wildlife Carers Group
A group dedicated to caring for injured wildlife.

Wildcare Inc. is a registered charity managed and operated by volunteers who are dedicated to enhancing the welfare of all Australian native wildlife.

Dr. David Croft
This site reports on a research program to develop wildlife-based tourism in outback New South Wales (NSW) based around the rangeland kangaroos. It provides reports on results, project descriptions, guides to kangaroos and other fauna and flora in outhback NSW, and upcoming events.

Ray Drew’s Kangaroo Photo Gallery
Ray is a professional wildlife photographer, who has taken many beautiful photos of Australia’s amazing and diverse wildlife. Check out his gallery dedicated to the Eastern Grey.

Steve Irwin, Australian wildlife expert and TV presenter
The late and much missed Steve Irwin said "Terri (my wife) and I eat, sleep and live for wildlife. Our love, passion, and devotion is to educate and share with the world our magnificent - often threatened or sometimes threatening - wildlife. Our job in this world is to bring misunderstood and feared animals (as well as the cute and cuddlies) right into your house, so that we can share and learn about the world's wildlife".

Roo Gully
Roo Gully specialises in the care of injured and orphaned marsupials, and is an Educational Wildlife Centre

Sponsoroo is a program to encourage interest, education and awareness about kangaroos. It is SINCERELY hoped that people may come to know and understand kangaroos, really love and appreciate them and will ultimately want to help to protect them.

World League for the Protection of Animals
"Kangaroos, Myths and Realities"
This book is part of the National Kangaroo Campaign Project and is produced by the Australian Wildlife Protection Council. Fully illustrated with beautiful and tragic photographs of kangaroos, it explains the complex issues surrounding the largest wildlife slaughter in the world.  It unveils the ugly propaganda proffered by Australian Federal and State governments and supplies easy to read facts and views from a wide range of reputable contributors including kangaroo, wildlife and environmental experts and researchers. 

Read "The Case Against the Commercial "Harvest" of Kangaroos" by David Nicholls, former kangaroo shooter. Also, read our interview with David and find out why he quit shooting kangaroos.

Read "My View About Australia's Brutally Cruel Commercial Kangaroo Slaughter"
by Antje Struthmann, long-time wildlife carer in Australia

Animal Liberation Victoria