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Tell LIDL to dump kangaroo meat!

We need 2,000 signatures.


Already 1,423 of 2,000 signed the petition.


Kangaroo slaughter is a nightly bloodbath of staggering proportions, with 6.8 million kangaroos earmarked for slaughter last year alone. The death toll could increase significantly to fill supermarket freezers in the UK.

This trade will almost certainly lead to even more kangaroos being killed – and their babies and young shot or decapitated and then simply discarded. In other words, consumers are responsible not just for the death of the animal they consume – but also the death of her young. Around 20 per cent of kangaroos killed each year are female – which means around a million joeys are killed for the trade each year.

Please sign the petition below to encourage LIDL to dump kangaroo meat.

We will collect all of your messages and deliver them to LIDL HQ. Why campaign on kangaroos?