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Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story

Viva! hosts the premier of a stunning new film!

The premiere of the much-anticipated film Kangaroo was hosted in Bristol by Viva! on 26 May 2018, followed by a London screening on 4 June 2018. Juliet Gellatley, Viva!'s founder and director, held a Q&A session together with the filmmakers - and she also appears in the film as an interviewee.

This award-winning film reveals the unlikely truth about Australia's love-hate relationship with its supposedly beloved icon, revealing shocking scenes behind the largest mass destruction of wildlife in the world.

Each night these unique animals are killed in the wild and sold for profit across the world. Europe is the largest importer of kangaroo parts for pet food, leather and as meat for human consumption.

The film's release in the US shocked audiences and many are demanding answers from the Australian government.

"A powerful film. You NEED TO KNOW about the way this iconic animal is being treated" - Peter Singer

"This PROBING documentary recalls films such as The Cove and Blackfish" - Variety

It will soon be possible to host your own screening of Kangaroo but the release date is yet to be confirmed.