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Greenpeace does not advocate kangaroo meat consumption

September 04, 2009

Australia — Greenpeace does not advocate killing kangaroos or the consumption of kangaroo meat for any environmental purpose.

There have been inaccurate reports that Greenpeace is calling for an increase in kangaroo meat consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock farming and agriculture. Greenpeace Australia Pacific believes that cutting back on red meat consumption is a personal action that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that result from livestock farming. We are not, however, calling on people to substitute farmed livestock meat with kangaroo meat and we are not currently working on agriculture related emissions.

Our position on kangaroo meat consumption was made public in October 2007.

We do not endorse, or accept funding from, any company, industry body, government or political party. In keeping with our independence, Greenpeace does not endorse any kangaroo meat products, suppliers or industry groups. We also do not accept funding from any company or industry body associated with kangaroo meat, hunts or culls.

Greenpeace focuses on the world's two biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions: deforestation and burning fossil fuels (coal. oil and gas) for energy. When combined, they account for 73.9 per cent of humanity's greenhouse gas emissions.

In Australia, we address the main source of greenhouse pollution: burning coal for energy. Coal accounts for around one third of the country's greenhouse gas emissions and Australia is the world's biggest coal exporter. We also prevent rampant logging in the tropical forests of the Asia Pacific region.

We believe we can best contribute to the global climate movement by remaining focused on switching Australia from coal to a clean energy economy, and ending deforestation.

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