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Get active

1. Never buy kangaroo meat or skin!

2. Order or download campaign materials to display and distribute. Why not ask a local library, sports centre, health food shop or anywhere else that might be sympathetic if you can put up a poster on a noticeboard and leave out a few leaflets?

3. Hold an information stall or organise a protest - a great way of reaching people who might not have heard about the campaign to save the kangaroos. You can hand out leaflets, collect signatures on petitions and talk to people who need more info - all vital ways of raising awareness about kangaroo slaughter. A protest doesn’t have to be a big event - even 2 or 3 people with posters and leaflets can catch the public’s attention.

4. Complain to the manager if you find a restaurant serving kangaroo meat. Walkabout Inns is the last chain of establishments in the UK serving kangaroo meat. Tell them you will boycott them as long as wildlife is on the menu. Order kangaroo meat leaflets to give to family and friends.

5. Boycott Adidas, Puma, Umbro and Nike! Tell everyone you know that they are funding an industry responsible for the deaths of millions of kangaroos and their babies - all for the sake of a sports shoe!

6. Write letters and emails!
Complain to Adidas, Nike, Umbro and Puma
Complain to sports shops that stock kangaroo skin products
Complain to the other manufacturers who use kangaroo skin
Complain to the Australian government
Complain to restaurants selling kangaroo meat
Write to your local newspaper