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David Beckham

Update: David Beckham dropped kangaroo leather because of Viva! pressure! He insisted that Adidas make a synthetic version of the Predator boot he helped to make famous!

Below is archive information:

Keep the Kangaroo off Beck's feet!

David Beckham receives millions of pounds to wear and promote Adidas products. Up until recently, for each match, he was given a brand new pair of Adidas Predator kangaroo-skin boots. In 2006, David swapped kangaroo boots for synthetic ones, partly in response to our long running campaign. However, he apparently hasn't ruled out wearing kangaroo skin boots in the future. Please email him to ask him to keep those kangaroo boots off his feet for good!

In the meantime, Adidas are still continuing to use kangaroo leather for many of their football boots, despite the numbers of kangaroos having fallen by over 57 per cent in the last four years. Please contact Adidas and urge them to follow Beck's example.


The History of Viva!'s Beckham Campaign

Viva! has written to David Beckham on several occasions requesting that he stop wearing and promoting the Adidas Predator range. We have sent him our video, Killing for Kicks which shows only too clearly the cruelty involved in kangaroo-killing - yet he continues to wear kangaroo-skin Predator boots.

In February 2003, Viva! wrote to David again. Our letter ended:

"If you do not to respond to this letter with a statement that proves us wrong, we will be forced to conclude that what you are saying is, quite simply: "I don’t care about the world’s wildlife". Of course actions speak louder than words and nothing would show the world more clearly that you are an ethical person than if you were to stop wearing kangaroo-skin boots."

On February 4, 2003, we received a fax from David’s manager, Tony Stephens, which stated:

"Your letter to David dated 3rd February 2003 arrived this morning.... I will be in Manchester with David tomorrow evening and will discuss it with him then."

We wrote David and his new management again in 2004, with no response. In 2005, there were huge population crashes: there are now 33 million kangaroos fewer in the areas used for commercial hunting than just three years ago. Despite this, a further 3.8 million animals have been earmarked for killing in 2006, a drop of only a hundred thousand on 2005. The shocking figures of this new and potentially disastrous population crash led to Viva!’s findings being published in the Sunday Times, the Daily Express and the Star. This has prompted David Beckham to say he will consider our evidence.

In January 2006, Viva! revealed that David Beckham had swapped over to synthetic boots. The news made headlines around the world, including a full-page exposé in the Independent on Sunday.

We now know that David is fully aware of the cruelty he was supporting by wearing kangaroo-skin football boots. Now he has switched to synthetics we want him to keep Australia's national symbol off his feet for good. Remind him that Ronaldo, the best football player in the world, wears 100% synthetic boots.