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Kangaroos Killed for Sport: Join our campaign to stop Adidas using kangaroo skin

Each year, millions of kangaroos are killed in what is widely regarded as the largest wildlife massacre on the planet. This includes around a million baby kangaroos (joeys) annually.


Shockingly, one of the largest supporters of this barbaric trade are sports shoe manufacturers, who purchase the skins and turn them into football boots. Adidas, one of the industry’s biggest customers, is a major driving force behind the industry - as are Nike, Puma and Umbro. As of 2011, all four still make boots made from kangaroo leather.

In 2006, David Beckham, who is paid millions of pounds to promote Adidas products switched to synthetics after years of wearing kangaroo football boots. This was, in part, due to Viva!'s campaign. Read more about it here. However, despite Beckham's change of heart Adidas continues to make many other football boots out of kangaroo leather.

Back in July 2002 Viva! was leaked an email sent out by John Kelly, spokesperson for the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia, which stated:

"This (soccer boot) industry is vital to the kangaroo industry. Without it underpinning kangaroo skin prices the entire industry would be at risk. Adidas have received to date over 10,000 emails complaining about their use of kangaroo leather...and are obviously concerned about damage to their image."

This is proof that Adidas - and the other companies using kangaroo skin are responsible for the violent and unnecessary deaths of adult kangaroos and their baby joeys - all for the sake of a sports shoe!


Adidas, Nike, Puma and Umbro; as of 2011, all four still make boots made from kangaroo leather.

There is no excuse for Adidas to continue supporting an industry that causes so much suffering. The original designer of the Predator boot, ex-Liverpool player Craig Johnston, has publically stated:


"The original model [of the Predator] was an all-rubber shoe. Synthetics, rubbers and new materials are definitely the future of football boots. I don’t agree with killing kangaroos."

There are modern, hi-tec synthetic fabrics available which Adidas could switch to right now. The fact that Adidas' own Beckham version of the Absolute Predator was subsequently made from synthetics dispels the myth once and for all that top football players won't wear synthetics! Ronaldo - arguably the best football player in the world - wore a boot which is made of 100 per cent synthetic materials. If boots made from synthetic materials are good enough for Ronaldo (and now David Beckham) then Adidas has no excuse for not using them too!

Thankfully, Adidas appear to be starting to agree with us, as currently none of their predator range is currently made from kangaroo leather (2011)! The kangaroo industry have also said that football boot manufacturers are distancing themselves from the trade: AgForce macropod committee spokesman Stephen Tully (quoting a kangaroo shooter) said:

"Traditionally shooters had a fallback market of shooting for skins but Mr Newton said that market was no longer viable after major manufacturers such as Adidas moved away from using kangaroo leather in response to public pressure from animal rights activists."

However, Adidas and the other football boot manufacturers are not yet 100 per cent kangaroo-free – as they all still use kangaroo leather in some of their boots.

They are all well aware of the cruelty behind the kangaroo industry. Viva! has written to them on countless occasions, sent them harrowing video footage of a kangaroo hunt , presented them with a report into cruelty in the commercial kangaroo industry (based on evidence collected by the Australian RSPCA) but still they fund the kangaroo massacre.

By continuing to use kangaroo-skin, Adidas, Nike, Umbro and Puma are showing themselves to be devoid of compassion and ethics. Their kangaroo leather football boots are leaving a trail of blood in the outback.

Viva! is calling for an international boycott of all Adidas, Nike, Umbro and Puma products. We must make them realise that people will not tolerate our planet’s wildlife being slaughtered for unnecessary, luxury items such as football boots.

We need your help! Please support our campaign to save the lives of millions of kangaroos and their babies!

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