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The kangaroo is second only to the Statue of Liberty as the most recognised tourist icon in the world. It's image adorns the tail fin of every Qantas jet. Yet, despite this national emblem being used as the logo for the latest Australian tourism push, out of the view of holiday makers this gentle and majestic creature is being wiped out in the biggest wildlife massacre on the planet today. It’s the ultimate betrayal.

- Every year millions of kangaroos are hunted down and blasted off the face of the earth just for their meat, or to make football boots for companies such as Adidas

- Baby 'joeys' - worthless to the industry - are ripped from their dead mothers' pouches and bludgeoned, decapitated or simply abandoned to die of starvation and neglect.

- The Australian government isn’t just aware of this – it promotes it!

- We don’t want the kangaroo to go the way of the Dodo. Help us stop this happening.

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